About the documentation

The documentation of open.DASH uses gitbook and markdown files.


If you want to contribute to the documentation, by adding or improving content, you can do so by following the "Improve this page" button on the top left of each page. It will redirect you to Github, where you can edit the content directly.

You can also fork https://github.com/UniSiegenWiNeMe/opendash-docs and create a pull request on the master branch.

The live branch is the published version.

Running gitbook locally

> git clone https://github.com/UniSiegenWiNeMe/opendash-docs.git
> cd opendash-docs
> npm install
> npm run build // The build will be in ./_book
> npm run serve // A webserver starts and serves the current version

There is a bug when running the serve command on Windows. The workaround looks like this:

  1. gitbook serve
  2. delete _book folder once
  3. now each time you change the md file, the server will stop and start over again and again

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