Dashboard Service (opendash/services/dashboard)

The Dashboard Service allows you to:

  • Get a list of all dashboards.
  • Switch between dashboards.
  • Modify the current dashboard by creating, deleting and editing widgets.



Use the Dashboard Service by injecting opendash/services/dashboard as an Angular Service. We suggest using $dashboard as a name for the variable.


class controller {

  static get $inject() { return ['opendash/services/dashboard']; }

  constructor($dashboard) {
    // ...

Properties & Methods


An array listing all existing dashboards.

$dashboard.changeDashboard(name: String)

Will change the dashboard depending on the given name.


Nothing will happen, if you try to change to the current dashboard.

If a dashboard with the given name exists, the existing dashboard will be loaded, otherwise the dashboard will be created. Either way the browser will do a reload.


Use this method to delete the current dashboard.


The browser will reload.

$dashboard.addWidget(widget: OpenDashWidget)

Adds a widget to the current dashboard.


widget - Object which looks like this:

  name: 'Widget Name', // Display name of the widget
  type: 'widget-type', // Type of the widget
  grid: [0,0,0,0], // Height, Width, Y- und X- coordinate. Should not be set.
  config: {}, // Config which will be used by the widget.


Returns true if the widget was added to the dashboard, false if not.

$dashboard.onWidgetResize(callback: Function)

Deprecated - use the opendash/services/event instead.

$event.on('od-widgets-resize', callback);

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