Notification Service (opendash/services/notification)

The notification services allows you to:

  • Ask the user for confirmation
  • Prompt the user for a string input
  • Show a text popup.
  • Open a custom component in a modal



Use the Modal Service by injecting opendash/services/modal as an Angular Service. We suggest using $notification as a name for the variable.


class controller {

  static get $inject() { return ['opendash/services/notification']; }

  constructor($notification) {
    // ...

Properties & Methods

$notification.create(options: Object)

Creats a notification, using the options object.

The options object might have the following properties:

  • message: String - Message that will be shown.
  • class: String - Aditional classes which will be applied to the notification element.
  • focus: Boolean (default: false) - If true, an overlay will be created to make the user focus on the notification.
  • time: Boolean (default: 5000) - Time in milliseconds after which the notification will be closed. Might be false, so the notification will stay until the user closes the notification.


No response.

$notification.[success|info|warning|danger](message: String)

Creates a simple notification showing the message in one of the following styles:

  • success
  • info
  • warning
  • danger


No response.

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